The Budgie

The Budgie Stainless Steel Washing Line has been designed with the budget in mind. With similar features to the Falcon Washing Line, this washing line holds true to its name and gives customers great value for money while still remaining versatile and durable.

This Washing Line is available in various standard sizes up to 3m in length and can be made specifically to suit your required space.

  • 25mm square tubing x 1.6mm wall thickness stainless steel
  • 4mm stainless steel rods/lines
  • Stainless steel tensioning nuts
  • Wall Mounted Brackets
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Corners
  • 7 Stainless Steel Lines on Standard Budgie
  • 18 meter hanging space for the 3m long washing line
  • Hold a distributed weight of 65kg

We offer three variations of this washing line

  • Standard Budgie Stainless Steel Washing Line
  • Budgie Double Washing Line – One washing line with two wall mounted brackets installed in two separate places. The Washing line can be easily moved between the two areas (eg: Inside when it rains)
  • Extended Budgie Stainless Steel Washing Line – An extended washing line installed with additional lines to provide extra hanging space
  • The Budgie Washing Line
  • The Budgie Extended Washing Line

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