Stainless Steel Washing Lines

Dicko Bird Washing Lines offer a Steel Washing Line design made from Stainless Steel. We offer a proudly South African designed, manufactured and installed product.

Engineered to last, our washing lines have proven to withstand the toughest conditions and hold a 10-year weather proof guarantee on the lines and frames.

All Washing Lines come fully installed and are made from stainless steel which allows for a rust free environment and a washing line that is durable and long lasting.

The Dicko Bird Washing Lines are unique and offer the market a washing line that does not need to be replaced as often as the standard washing lines available.

The purchase of a washing line such as a Dicko Bird is an investment in a quality product as well as for your home.

Our Washing Line Selection

We offer four unique South African designed and built Washing Lines that are manufactured out of Stainless Steel, and can be custom made to fit your required space should you require this service.

(Four pictures below with click through buttons to all our Washing Lines available)

The Fish Eagle – Rotating Washing Line

The Falcon – Round Tubing Fold Down Washing Line

The Budgie – Square Tubing Fold Down

The Weaver – Movable Washing Line

Below are a few of the variations that we offer for each of our products available

Here at Dicko Bird we take pride in offering a service and installation that will be one to remember.

Please Contact us to assist you with any questions or queries you may have