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Stainless Steel

Dicko Bird washing lines have four products available, each washing line can be purchased in a variety of sizes as well as different steel components based on where you reside. Our washing lines can be fully installed against most surfaces and have an easy-to-use instruction manual for self-installation on certain washing lines.

The Budgie washing Line has been designed with the budget in mind. It is manufactured with square tubing
and gives customers great value for money while still remaining versatile and durable.

The Guinea fowl washing line offers a space saving solution for your home. The modern design of round tubing allows for a neat and compact washing line.

The Weaver washing line can be used indoors and can be weaved through household obstacles onto the balcony or outdoors. Manufactured with square tubing, the Weaver can be used on the balcony to ensure that your washing is not visible from the outside by the use of a sliding curtain.

The Fish Eagle washing Line has a unique design that allows for it to be dismantled and moved to suit the weather, space or surroundings. With its easy assemble and disassemble features, The Fish Eagle
Washing Line is the perfect solution for your home.